the centennial celebration board

The 11th Judicial Circuit's Centennial Celebration board is comprised of a dedicated group of men and women intent on making the 100th anniversary of our court exciting and memorable.

judges of 2008

Joseph H. Serota, Chair


Steven Befera
Cristina Blanco
Hon. Beth Bloom
Jeff Paul Henry Cazeau
Steven W. Davis
Sharon Ellis
Elizabeth M. Hernandez
Tomas Gamba
Maria Garcia
Ervin A. Gonzalez
Edward G. Guedes
Robert J. Kuntz, Jr.
Yara Lorenzo
Love Levy
Timothy M. Ravich
Joanne Silva
Hon. Scott J. Silverman
Brian L. Tannebaum
Marva L. Wiley

Event Chairs:

Centennial Kick-off - Sharon R. Ellis
Centennial 5K Run - David Deehl, Barbara Zambrano
Schools Activities - Judge Beth Bloom
Al Capone Mock Trial - Judge Scott Silverman
Closing Event - Tomas Gamba

Symposia Chairs:

Edward Guedes - History of Diversity in the Judiciary
Robert Kuntz Jr., Timothy Ravich - Celebrated Trials and/or Media Coverage of Trials over the Years
Ervin Gonzalez - History of Trial Techniques
Jeff Cazeau - History of Civil Rights and the Courts
Marva Wiley, Jason Murray - The Civil Right Struggle in Miami-Dade County Courts

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