school contests and programs

Below is the anticipated program schedule with schools. We are planning a poster contest with each elementary school grade (Kindergarten – 5th grade), a speech contest with each 7th grade civics class (in conjunction with the curriculum that will be taught in October-November, 2010), and an essay contest in each 10th grade.

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    Poster Contest in Elementary Schools

    Each elementary school will participate through the grade’s respective art teacher. The themes are “What Justice Means to Me” or “It’s Important to be Fair”. Miami-Dade public schools are scheduled to begin on Monday, August 23. Our goal is to have the announcements and contest guidelines received by each elementary school art teacher by Friday, October 1. The deadline for posters to be received is noon on Friday, December 3. Our Schools Committee members and volunteers will then separate and code each poster for judging. We plan to assemble the judges in late December/early January 2011 so that the winners can be announced by February 1. We are working toward having an awards ceremony either at the County Commission chambers or at the Dade County Courthouse. During the months of February – May, 2011, each poster submitted will be displayed in each of the 9 courthouses (Caleb Center still under construction) throughout Miami-Dade County. There are 116 courtrooms – it should be a splendid way to excite the public about our celebration!

    Speech Contest in Middle School & Essay Contest in High School

    The schedule is the same as above. For the speech contest, each 7th grade civics teacher will receive the announcement and contest guidelines for distribution. The speech contest will parallel the curriculum that Dr. Paul George will be authoring together with Bob Brazofsky and John Doyle, Administrative Director, Division of Social Science Curriculum and Instruction. The speeches will be submitted in oral format (DVD or flash). The essay contest is open to 10th graders. Our committee was of the opinion that since the 10th graders will be learning essay formation for the FCAT in the fall quarter, this contest would be a logical extension and perfect way to put into practice what the students have already learned. Judging for both contests will take place in January.

    There will be a total of 24 winners. As the guidelines represent, there will be 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners in Kindergarten – 5th grade (poster contest), 3 winners in 7th grade and 3 winners in 10th grade. Each 1st place winner will receive a $500 savings bond, 2nd place winners will receive a $250 savings bond and 3rd place winners will receive a $100 savings bond.

    Each contest participant will be receiving a Certificate of Appreciation. A commemorative t-shirt will be given to each school's winning entry.