The History of Civil Rights in the Court

Thurs., Jan. 20, 2011

@ The Black Police Precinct and Municipal Court
480 NW 11th St., Miami, Florida (map)

Event Notes

For African Americans, Florida’s 11th Judicial Circuit history has been bittersweet . While the circuit decided many cases affirming civil rights of Floridians, its 100-year history also includes a time when the bench and the bar were all white. Attorneys of color were precluded from addressing white judge directly; separate water fountains were designated for “white” and “colored;” and a confederate monument graced the front lawn of the courthouse. The History of Civil Rights in the Court Symposium will examine this history and the transition to the modern era.

Panelists: Chief Otis Davis (former patrolman at the Negro Precinct), George F. Knox (former City Attorney of the City of Miami); and Honorable Betty Ferguson (former Miami-Dade County Commissioner)

Symposium Chairs: Attorneys Marva L. Wiley, Jeff Cazeau and Jason Murray

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